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Mr. Alan Holt
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At AIBG, we know that the best way to succeed is to have a team of professionals working together. We are committed to delivering insurance solutions that meet clients’ needs, whether they are looking for final expense insurance or other types of coverage. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals as an agent by providing you with the best tools, support, and resources available.

We understand that every agent has different needs and tastes, so we work hard to provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed. This includes our innovative online platform that helps you manage all aspects of your business from anywhere in seconds without having to deal with paperwork or long phone calls.

Our agents receive first-class training on how to use our platform effectively so they can focus on what’s important: “making sure their clients have the policies they need at prices they can afford!”

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Here are the Benefits For Joining Our Team

One Stop Shop for Agents
  • Mentoring/Education
  • Discounted E & O
  • Access to Life and turning 65 Leads
  • Mediacarecenter.com, for Medicare agents
  • Agent Resource Center, for ACA agents
  • Quote Engine / CRM
  • Tele-sales Opportunities
  • Compliance Department
  • Administrative Support
  • Business Cards / Marketing Templates
  • Discounted Landing pages for Marketing, and more

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Discounted Leads


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Providing seniors with exceptional insurance solutions and financial services



Turn 65 Daily        



Are 65+ in the US

The senior market is growing exponentially. Whether you are an experienced insurance professional looking for additional revenue potential or have always been interested in a career in sales, now is the perfect time to be in the industry.

As more and more seniors are retiring, they are faced with new financial responsibilities that they may not have had to deal with when they were younger. They may need help planning for their retirement and managing their finances, as well as adjusting to being retired. This can be a difficult transition for many people and can create financial stress for them and their families. As a result, they may want to purchase insurance policies that will protect them from these risks and provide them with peace of mind.

We’re here to provide seniors and their families with peace of mind. With the services we offer, we can minimize the financial worries they leave behind.


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